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Illustrator, Photoshop

dt nanaimo-04.png
dt nanaimo-05.png
dt nanaimo-06.png

To make downtown Nanaimo more inviting, and easier to navigate, while highlighting features and businesses of downtown.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create a logo/wordmark for downtown Nanaimo. I chose to include an icon of one of Nanaimo’s most notable landmarks, the  bastion. This icon is found  throughout  the brand, unifying all of the  separate elements. I branded each district  with a distinct brand accent colour, and identifying wordmark.

dt nanaimo-03.png
Untitled-1-4 2.png

Creating a cohesive brand identity highlighting the main districts, including a sign system. To start with I made a list of my favourite reasons to spend time downtown Nanaimo. I then explored downtown, making it a point to ignore what I would habitually do, and discover more of what the downtown core has to offer. I also took photos of existing signage and confusing areas. I took note of any and all frustrations I had while trying to navigate to new places in the area. 

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